Top 5 special Free Fire Gun skins in 2021

Free Fire has many characters and weapons that are purchased by the players from the in-game store or by Diamonds. Free Fire Gun skins make a weapon more interesting and also increase its stats in-game.

Skin can be acquired not all but most of these are by using in-game currency i.e., Diamonds. Here we will talk about the special gun skins which are rare gun skins in Free Fire.

Special Free Fire Gun Skins in May 2021

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1.Griffin’s Fury (M4A1)

Griffin’s Fury is a legendary skin that is really rare and special one. It enhancing the range of the M4A1 and add to double its fire rate. Moreover, it also decreases the reload speed of the weapon.

2.Ultimate Titan (Scar)

This skin enhances the damage rate of the Scar and doubles its fire rate. The Ultimate Titan skin is one of the best Scar skin of Free Fire all time. However, it also reduces the weapons magazine capacity.

3.Blue Flame Draco (AK)

It is an Evo gun Skin that can be upgraded to certain levels. The Blue Flame Draco AK can be upgraded up to level seven. As the skin costs many Diamonds, all players are not able to purchase and own it.

It was available in the Faded Wheel section of Free Fire at once.

4.Tropical Parrot (M1887)

A lot of players do not have in their inventory this Tropical Parrot skin because it is a legendary skin, not all are able to purchase it. This Skin enhances the M1887’s damage rate and accuracy but decreases its range.

5. Violet Terror (M1014)

Violet Terror is a special and rare skin for the Shotgun M1014. This skin enhances the M1014’s rate of fire. While crouching it also increases the damage rate of the weapon (Level 1)

These skins are given above not special or rare for all players.

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