New Features announced for Minecraft 1.20 update

New Features announced for Minecraft 1.20 update: At Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang unveiled the next major update for the game. Version 1.20 will be released for both Java and Bedrock versions of the game at some point in 2023.

Although Mojang hasn’t released every feature or addition for Minecraft 1.20, fans have got their first look at what’s to come.

The new update includes new blocks, mobs, and even player skins expected to be released in the fall of the update, and there may be additional features players don’t know about yet.

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As 2023 nears, Mojang may be providing even more information to excite its player base.

New Features announced for Minecraft 1.20 update

  • Bamboo wood and new blocks/items
  • New player skins
  • New mobs – The Camel and the Sniffer

Bamboo wood and new blocks/items

Bamboo has been a part of Minecraft for a long time, growing in stalks in jungle biomes. However, in 1.20 players can process bamboo stalks into new bamboo wood types, which can be made into planks and new bamboo mosaic blocks.

Bamboo can also be used to make many wood-compatible blocks such as signs or even new hanging sign blocks.

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Hangings are manufactured by combining wood types with iron chains. They function largely like standard signs in Minecraft but can be hung under or on the side of blocks.

Players can then apply glow ink sax to the glowing squid to brighten up the text on the hanging signs with a very pleasant light.

A new bookcase block, known as the Chisel Bookcase, has also been introduced. Unlike standard bookcases, chiseled cases can be used as storage. They can contain up to six books of any kind, including regular books, enchanting books, or books with quills.

Even better, chiseled bookcases can interface with Redstone comparators. This allows a comparator to locate the last slot of a used bookcase.

New player skins

Steve and Alex’s default skins for Minecraft have been around for a long time, but the 1.20 update will introduce seven new skins to complement them.

These new player skins will be available by default, which means fans won’t need to download or install them from third-party sources. They can simply change their skin to the Java or Bedrock version.

According to Mojang, these new default characters have their own names and personalities. But it might not be unusual to think that these new faces will be featured in future Minecraft promotions and trailers alongside series mainstays Steve and Alex.

New mobs – The Camel and the Sniffer

In Minecraft Live 2022, players will get to see two mobs. One of these mobs is a camel, while the other is a sniffer, which was the winner of the event’s mob vote this year. The two creatures are very different, each with its own behavior and interactions with the players.

Camels would most likely be found in arid biomes such as deserts. They can be saddled by two players at once and can be bred by feeding on cacti found in desert biomes.

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Camels are also exceptionally tall, meaning that mob like huskies and zombies cannot kill their riders from ground level.

Players can find prehistoric mob eggs in ruined loot chests underwater. Once they have produced babies, the creature will be tasked with sniffing out ancient seeds buried deep within the earth.

Players can collect Sniffer’s ancient seeds and plant them as crops. Although these seeds are quite old. As a result, new ornamental plants will be introduced that players have not seen in the world.

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