3 Best Minecraft Blocks for making bases in the Nether

Updated on: September 13, 2023 ( 5 months ago ) minecraft-blocks-making-bases-in-the-nether

Best Minecraft Blocks for making bases in the Nether: Nether is a Minecraft Biome that is dangerous, and living there in survival mode is a task of daring. However, gamers will be safely live there if they find a safe spot and build a mob-proof base.

Making bases is one of the most fun things that we are able to do in Minecraft. The most amusing aspect of the building is to be able to make a design using the blocks present in the game.

Here, a lot of Blocks are used, players are often puzzled about which one will make their base look the best. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the 3 Best Minecraft Blocks for making bases in the Nether.

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Top Best Minecraft blocks for creating bases in the Nether

A list of the three best Minecraft Blocks for building bases in the Nether is given below:

  • Quartz blocks
  • Nether bricks
  • Stone bricks

1. Quartz blocks

As the main block, almost all modern houses design uses quartz. It has different variants such as Quartz pillars, chiseled quartz, and quartz bricks. In any Nether Biome, players may like houses made of quartz blocks.

2. Nether bricks

Minecraft has a lot of brick blocks, one of the most liked of which is the Nether brick. There are three different variants of nether bricks:

  • Cracked nether bricks
  • Red nether bricks
  • Chiseled nether bricks

Nether bricks can be attained from fortresses and gamers will have to craft the other variants. Except for red nether bricks, each variant has a unique texture. Bases made out of them look amazing in the Crimson Forest biome as it follows equal color tones.

3. Stone bricks

In Minecraft, Stone bricks are quite generally used for building bases. It can look good in pretty much any Nether biome when utilized well. A house made of stone brick with a roof built using Blackstone might be something that gamers find delightful.

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