How we can get permanent gun skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in 2022

How we can get permanent gun skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in 2022: At present, Battlegrounds Mobile India beta version has been around for a while. Gamers have gotten a glance at the dis-similarities and features that the game is providing. In Battlegrounds Mobile India there have been no major overtake or service to weaponry or guns.

However, the creators have launched new gun skins and other cosmetics for users. In Battlegrounds Mobile India there are several ways or methods gamers can get these gun skins.

Here, in this article we are going to discuss permanent gun skins in BGMI and how we can get them in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Several ways to get permanent gun skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India

1. Tier rewards

In Battlegrounds Mobile India a great way to obtain excellent gun skins for free by checking up the tier list. When players unlock a specific tier in the game there are some cool gun skins available in every season.

Players simply required to keep playing the game and enjoying the leveling-up to get these permanent gun skins for free. And these gun skins are unique or very different in every season and can be differentiated very easily.

2. Crates

Players can get free skins via crates. Battlegrounds Mobile India provides players free permanent gun skins via crates to enjoy the game. By simply opening these crates players have a chance of obtaining a free gun skin. There are certain attainments that, if finished, reward gamers with crates.

May be the chances are quite low but sometimes these crates may contain great gun skins.

3. In-game events

There are several events taking place in Battlegrounds Mobile India in all seasons. These in-game events provide some cool new skins to users for free.

Players only required to take part in special events and complete some tasks to obtain these skins. At present, players can get brand new Cold Fortune – SKS skins. Some other rewards in these events are obtaining via the ” Diamond Exchange Centre ” event, available in Battlegrounds Mobile India from June 18th to 17th July.

4. Silver Fragments

In Battlegrounds Mobile India Silver fragments is another type of in-game currency like Diamond. Gamers usually attain silver fragments by extending higher tiers or opening crates and can also be acquired.

Gamers can employ these in-game silver fragments to get cosmetic items as well as weapon skins.

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