Poker Cards in Hard West 2: How to Get Poker Cards in Hard West 2

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Poker Cards in Hard West 2 - How to Get Poker Cards in Hard West 2: Poker cards return in Hard West 2, allowing players to increase the stats of their party members.

The game takes players to the Wild West but with a dark twist. There is a lot of focus on gambling which weaves its way into various aspects of exploration and combat.

Naturally, one way for players to empower a character in Hard West 2 is by providing them with poker cards. These cards can be found throughout the game and can be equipped with a party member to give them a boost.

What is Poker Cards in Hard West 2?

Poker cards were first introduced in the Hard West game. They can be used to enhance the skills of party members.

In the second game, the concept of poker cards is explained to the player during a cutscene where party members lose their souls.

Players wake up as Jin and must seek out the rest of the party. While searching, poker cards can be picked up and furnished to any discovered party member.

Any character can have up to five poker cards at a time. They all provide a stat increase, such as more speed or higher damage when attacking an enemy.

How to Get Poker Cards in Hard West 2

There is no trick to finding poker cards in the game, but players need to keep a keen eye to collect them all.

Some poker cards are also given to players when they make certain choices in the game. There are times when choosing to fight rather than run and win will provide a hidden poker card.

Other poker cards are scattered throughout the map or given out upon completion of certain main mission objectives. Players have to look high and low for him. They may be a skeleton sticking out or may be out of sight.

Players just need to make sure to complete every mission and every battle to increase their chances of finding them all.

How to use Poker Cards in Hard West 2

Using the poker cards in Hard West 2 is very simple, but finding them can take a long time.

Players are first required to open the card menu by pressing the card symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen, or by pressing the K Key with default keybind settings.

All poker cards found will be displayed, and players can proceed through each one to see what effect they give. They can then choose to assign a party member a poker card and drag the card to them from the list.

The poker card will immediately promote the position stated in its description. This is a good way to balance the skills of the team so that they don't all focus on the same characteristics.

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