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Hanging signs in Minecraft 1.20 update

Updated on: October 05, 2023 ( 2 months ago ) hanging-signs-in-minecraft-1-20-update

Hanging signs in Minecraft 1.20 update: Mojang recently announced the awaited update to Minecraft 1.20, which will be released in 2023. Among its many features are hanging-sign blocks. These will offer a whole new way to enjoy decorations in Minecraft, being able to go beyond the standard wooden signs.

However, the inclusion will be slightly different in terms of construction and crafting requirements as compared to the standard signs.

Not all the information related to the upcoming patch has been released yet, but there are a few things to know about the hanging signs in particular. These facts may change as the update's release date approaches.

Hanging signs in Minecraft 1.20 update

Hanging signs are quite different from standard signs, although they do have some similarities. What is known is that they are made from wooden logs and chains of wood. And a total of ten different wood types can be used to make them: Oak, Spruce, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Crimson, Deformed, Mangrove, and the new bamboo wood type.

There will be a total of three types depending on the placement of the Hanging signs blocks. It can be hung from the edge of a block, hung under a full block, or under smaller blocks such as fences or chains.

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For the most part, they will work like standard signals. Players will receive and display input text, including some hypertext, on the signs. This means that the color codes will work for dangling signs just like normal ones.

However, the Minecraft Live 2022 trailer also showcased signs to come, which are capable of keeping glowing text if players hold a glowing ink bag for them.

With camels, bamboo wood, chiseled bookcases, and new character skins, Hanging Hints is an interesting new addition to Minecraft with the 1.20 update.

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For the time being, gamers will just have to wait and see what information the developers reveal next. Luckily, Mojang has confirmed that Minecraft 1.20 will offer new content via the Bedrock version's beta program as well as a preview snapshot of the Java version.

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