Dead Trigger Mod APK v2.0.6 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Menu)

Dead Trigger Mod APK v2.0.6 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Menu)

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App Title: Dead Trigger Mod APK v2.0.6 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Menu)
Uploaded On: October 11, 2023
Developer: Deca_Games
Platform: Android
Category: Games
Last Update: October 11, 2023 ( 1 month ago )
File Size: 169 MB
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Price: Free
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Dead Trigger Mod APK v2.0.6 Download (Unlimited Money, Gold, Menu)

Dead Trigger Mod APK is one of the best zombie games on Android. This game is developed by the MADFINGER Games developer team. Also, it is one of the favorite products of the game developer. Compared to the other best zombie shooting games, it is an average mobile game and deserves a low-end mobile.

This game is available for Android gamers. This game can be played smoothly on low-end devices. It is a game that performs well on low-end devices with high-quality graphics. I am fighting unlimited zombies to save the world from all zombies.

Dead Trigger APK Story

In Dead Trigger Mod APK, zombies affect people, and they spread to all the living. Civilization must be rapidly perishing. The humans turn into zombies and attack many normal people in the city.

Uncontrolled, they start attacking common people. Most people, after knowing the news, move to other places. But the zombies will spread quickly and attack many people. People who have been attacked by zombies will turn ordinary people into dangerous zombies.

In Dead Trigger Mod APK, you are the hero to become the life savior of the only balanced survivors. Yes, some people have survived the zombies and come back to a safe place. The disease spread very quickly among many living people as well. Dangerous zombies have roughly controlled all the countries and states. Now they will change their attitude and will be ready to eat the human brain.

If this pandemic continues, it is the last for humans. So it will help if you follow all the steps to attack all the zombies. In this game, you have been provided with an in-game character, and you are provided with full responsibilities. Start fighting against disease-affected humans with high-damage weapons.

Dead Trigger Mod APK Gameplay

Dead Trigger Mod APK is a first-person shooting game full of horror and survival. The primary matter is to survive and fight the zombies. The destroyer role is assigned to you and starts attacking the diseased people.

Inside the dangerous area of ​​the game, you will arrive with a weapon. The game will start giving you instructions on how to defeat the enemies. Follow the tutorial to understand the gameplay of this game.

There's no way to manually provide one; Start shooting on the spot. You can rotate up to 180 degrees from a standing position. Multiple waves are provided with quite a difficulty in a single match. Each mission in Dead Trigger APK includes a number of zombies. Unlimited zombies will attack you.

Some zombies move faster than other zombies. Use the given weapons to destroy the fast-approaching zombies. Otherwise, it is easy to meet the current ripple. Play the game in your planned way and use different attacking methods to complete the missions. Some humans take it for protection from those afflicted with the disease.

It would be easy to find regular humans and zombies. Diseased humans do not have brains. This might make it easier for you to understand who is a human and who is a zombie. Throw heavy bombs and set the bombs to explode. When you enter the central city, zombies come with more power.


Dead Trigger MOD APK provides high-quality sharp graphics for all devices. Don't worry about this when you have a low-end device. The game developer has made the game for low-end devices with high-quality graphical animations.

Credit should be given to the game developer for providing good graphics to all mobiles. After playing the game, you feel that you can play the game on a PC as well. Impressive smooth animations will provide a new user experience and more accessibility to destroy zombies.


Weapons are the central part of Dead Trigger APK. Without weapons, you can't win missions from zombies. In addition, standard weapons are needed to defeat humans. But zombies have more power so powerful weapons are needed to attack zombies. Guns are the most effective weapon for dangerous zombies.

From long-range, those zombies are easier to attack. It contains a weapons package with a huge amount of weapons. Every available weapon is available with upgradeable. It will take no time to use some money to upgrade weapons. If you need to complete all the missions without fighting upgrade your weapons fast. So Download Dead Trigger APK.

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Dead Trigger MOD APK latest version available for download?

Yes, is Dead Trigger MOD APK's latest version available for Download

Can all weapons be unlocked with dead trigger mod apk?

Yes, U Can all weapons be unlocked with the dead trigger mod apk

What is the highest level in Dead Trigger?

The Max rank has been increased to 60 after 2.0.

Can I play Dead Trigger online?

Yes, U play Dead Trigger online

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