5 Most underappreciated Free Fire Female Characters Ever

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Garena Free Fire is a battle Royale game available on mobile. It is developed and published by Garena as a free-to-play game. Garena Free Fire is an interesting battle Royale game that has a lot of various features like skins, characters, and many more. All of these characters have special active and passive abilities.

Users mainly choose or purchase famous in-game characters like Chrono, DJ Alok, Xayne, Wukong, etc. But the game also provides some widely underappreciated characters that are not often used by players.

In this article we are going to talk about the most underrated 5 female Free Fire characters of all time.

These are the 5 most underappreciated Free Fire Female Characters of all time


Tracing Steps3 is Clu's Active skill and it can locate enemies who are not in a prone or squat position within 30 meters at its base level. At level 4 she can also share this data with her teammates. With a cooldown of 50 seconds, the effects last for 5 seconds.

Clu's can provide a quite significant advantage in ranked squad matches. As Clu's level up this skill become more stronger.

2. Dasha

Passive Ability: Partying On

This ability of Dasha reduces the damage taken from falls by 30%. It also decreases the recovery time by 60 percent. This ability which is passive also reduces the rate of recoil build-up and maximum build-up by 6%.

Dasha is a great character for beginners as she provides great recoil control and decreases fall damage. These are the two things that beginners need to get used to while starting out. If this character levels up, Dasha's ability also level up.

3. Shani

Ability: Gear Recycle

Shani's ability also called Gear Recycle, permits the recovery of 10 armor strength after each kill at its first level. Even though Shani's skill, Gear Recycle is not famous, her skill can restore armor durability, which may be helpful in ranked matches.

The skill level increases as well as the character levels up.

4. Notora

Ability: Racer's Blessing

Notora has a passive ability known as Racer's Blessing. She is a motorcycle racer and at her base level can restore health points(HP) to every member on a motor vehicle every 4.5 seconds.

The effect of the skill does not store, and skill upgrading when leveled up. When it comes to playing ranked squad matches Natora is a great choice. Her skill helps users to recover HP automatically when running away from a battle or while fighting from inside a vehicle.

5. Caroline

Ability: Agility

She has a passive ability called Agility. It can boost movement speed by three percent when using a shotgun. This ability increases as she moves to higher levels in the game. In Clash Squad Mode, Caroline's ability to run at a more active speed while holding a shotgun can be really useful.

Shotguns are extensively used by players in this mode. Therefore, this ability also permits them to have improved mobility on the ground.

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